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Senior Relocation Services

When seniors move, almost always to a much smaller residence, they must downsize their possessions. Many seniors have been in the same home for 30 or 40 years, and find the process of downsizing overwhelming, both physically and emotionally. The enormous amount of possessions accumulated over all those years and tucked away in attics, basements, garages and spare rooms is challenging to deal with for older folks who must move for health/ability reasons. Sorting through all those possessions to determine what has value and what does not can be a huge burden, both for seniors and their families.

A senior relocation pro helps the elderly – most are in their 70s and 80s – organize and manage that transition to a new, smaller residence, and helps them decide what to take and what to leave behind. But it’s more than just organizing and packing. It’s also about providing emotional support for a client – calming their worries about the move and reassuring them that it will all be okay.

When a client is moving to a new home, a senior relocation service uses a simple floor plan of the new residence to determine what furniture will fit. When that’s done, they and their client can sort through the remaining furniture and other belongings and decide what has value and what is trash. Then, the surplus items are sold, donated or put in the trash pile.

Next, the packing begins, with all boxes labeled so the moving crew can put them exactly where they need to be in the new home. Following a schedule set up in the planning stage of the move, the senior relocation service either supervises the movers or handles a local move themselves.

On moving day, the unpacking begins, and the crew places all items where they should go, such as linens on the shelves, clothes hung in the closet, pictures hung on the walls and kitchen utensils in the cabinets.

If the old home is to be sold, the senior relocation team usually clears the house and handles any final disposal of items not moved. The entire move, from planning to unpacking, is designed to reduce the emotional stress associated with moving, so a senior has a gentle and hassle-free transition to their new home.