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At Fire Storm, we offer short and long-term storage solutions when you need a little extra room for your stuff.

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Most storage units and containers aren’t temperature-controlled, but storage vaults are. They’re kept safe from extreme cold or heat that could harm precious items.

Climate Controlled Storage by Fire Storm

Vault Storage

A storage vault is best for people with valuable items they want in long-term storage and don’t plan on accessing often. Unlike self-storage units or storage containers, storage vaults aren’t meant for clients to stop by every so often to check things in and out. Their items are carefully packed into crates for maximum storage efficiency, so they’re usually not easily accessible.

Some examples of when you’d want to use a storage vault:

  • Your job has asked you to transfer to an overseas location for a few months, but you still plan to return home afterward.
  • You want your stuff in a secured climate controlled warehouse.
  • You’re renovating a home and need a place to keep furniture while the work is being done.

Main Benefits of Secure Vault Storage

There are several main benefits to vault storage you should consider.

Self-storage units come with risks. Unlike outside storage units or portable storage units on your property with minimal security, storage vaults can give homeowners peace of mind that their treasured belongings will be kept safe. They’re kept in a private, secure facility, and only approved employees can access your items.

Storage vaults are packed with crates in such a way as to maximize the efficiency of the space. This means you’re not paying for wasted, unused space, as you would often do if you have a storage unit or container.

Moving is a pain, so it’s a plus if you can get someone else to do it. As part of the fees you pay for private vault storage, you get a team from Fire Storm Moving & Storage who’ll both pack and move out your items when you need them to.

Most storage units and containers aren’t temperature-controlled, but storage vaults are. They’re protected from extreme cold or heat that could damage certain valuables.

Looking for Portable Storage?

The Box is the perfect solution

Whether you need a 12' or 16' container, are moving or need long-term storage, we have you covered with The Box, by Fire Storm Moving & Storage.

Portable Storage Containers, The Box by Fire Storm Moving and Storage