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Storage Pickup and Retrieval

There are infinite reasons why people choose to use self storage. Off-site storage is a solution to: moving, making room for the in-laws, ancillary storage for apartment living, seasonal shifts in decor, inventory overflow, and more! You need access to what is in storage, and we offer the convenience of pickup and retrieval. Firestorm is offering a new service that will make storing your belongings easier than ever: on-demand, full-service storage.

This valet-style services take the typical, self-storage process one step further by actually picking up your things and delivering them to your storage unit for you. We also allow you to request and schedule a pick-up or return at your request. This is especially helpful for our clients with large or bulky items or those who have limited ability or time to move the items themselves. 

Firestorm can supply our customers with packing boxes. All the customer has to do is pack the with everything they wish to store. The company will then retrieve all items and deliver them to a customer-secured storage facility. Additionally, we will deliver any and all boxes back to the customer once they schedule a delivery.

Firestorm does not furnish nor contract storage units. This service is for storage facilities contracted by the client.